Corporate Profile

HWA HONG CORPORATION LIMITED, originally formed as a partnership, was incorporated on 29 December 1952 as a private limited company under the name of Hwa Hong Manufacturing Company Pte. Limited. On 21 November 1969, it converted to a public company known as Hwa Hong Manufacturing Company Limited and was admitted to the Official List of the Singapore Exchange Limited on 26 July 1979.

The name “Hwa Hong Corporation Limited” was adopted with effect from 15 January 1985. The principal activity of HWA HONG CORPORATION LIMITED is that of an investment holding company. The subsidiary companies are primarily engaged in property rental investment and development and investment holding.

S$ 6.5 m
Dividend paid (in FY2020)
1.00 cents per share for financial year ended 31 December 2019
S$ 4.2 m
Net profit after tax (FY2020)

Financial Highlights

Profit after taxation decreased by approximately 35.6%, from S$6.5 million in FY2019 to S$4.2 million in FY2020. The decrease was attributable mainly to (i) lower revenue; (ii) increase in other operating costs (iii) higher general and administrative costs; and (iv) decrease in share of after tax results of associates and joint ventures.

FY2020: S$4,161,000 6457$
FY2019: S$6,457,000 4358$